Can I Create Something Just for You?

Often a client will see a painting in my studio or on my website and request something similar. Maybe they fall in love with a particular work and want me to try to recreate it as much as possible... or maybe they like certain elements but want a different colour flower arrangement... or maybe a different size altogether. I LOVE getting requests for paintings! I use these ideas for inspiration for new works. I don't do commissions per se. What I will do is create a painting based on your thoughts and suggestions. If you like it (no, if you fall in love with it!) it's yours. If it doesn't hit you in the sweet spot I add it to my collection. No pressure. 

Contact me at with your ideas.

The photos above are an example of what I can do. The client loved the little 8" x 8" painting on the left but it was sold. She asked if I could create one along the same lines, but instead she wanted a 10" x 10"  painting. Different size, different proportions, different background... and different colours because that's how I was feeling that day! (Btw, she LOVED the new version and snapped it up)

Please feel free to contact me if you'e interested in having a piece created just for you. I price my work by size regardless of whether or not it's been a joint project. No surcharges for "commissions" :)

I can also adapt a photo if you have a special bouquet you'd like to see preserved in paint. Scroll down to see an example called Welcome Home. As you can see, I removed the cute little Marc Jacobs mouse flats from the final painting. 

Cheers, Jacquie