Fall 2015!

Two shows this past October have come and gone. I participated in the Delta Studio Stomp the first weekend of the month and it was an enormous success. It's our 3rd year and it was so good to hear many of the visitors were returning to see what we had created that was new for the show. I was happy/sad to see 5 paintings go out the door with their new owners. I say sad because they're a little like family members to me and sometimes I don't feel quite ready to say goodbye! I do get over it pretty quickly by popping back into the studio and playing with my paints. 

I'm excited to see what happens with my painting in the months to come. I've been dabbling in acrylics lately and I'm loving some of the things I can do that I wasn't able to with oils. I'll never give up on oils completely but it sure is nice to see results in a fraction of the time! Nothin' beats the juicy buttery feel of oil paints, though :)